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 July 27 & 28
1st Annual Funny Car Reunion
Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ

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The Funny Car Reunion was a huge success. A huge turnout of cars and spectators made for a great day of racing. We ran Jerry Smith in the first round, and managed to stay out in front of him with a 7.59 @ 183 to Jerry's 8.44 @ 149. Second round lined us up against Bob Rosetty in the Rollin Stoned Cuda. It was a great side by side race, and Bob got to the end first going 7.46 @ 173 to my 7.50 @ 183.

Over 30 cars were lined up on the track and then were started at the same time. It was a very impressive sight and sound!
The highlight for me was being there when Joe Jacona saw his old hot rod after 30 years. Joe is a cool guy, and I had a real good time bustin' his chops all weekend. Bob Rosetty should definitely be commended for doing such a beautiful job on the car. Joe is already looking forward to next years Reunion!


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